Coaching Staff

Dasa Lelli - Head Coach
Dasa Lelli - Head CoachAs Head Coach of the Club she founded in 1975, Dasa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club. A former national stream RG gymnast in her native Czechoslovakia and a graduate of the University of Ottawa in the Physical Education Honours program. Dasa is a NCCP level 3 certified coach and a fitness instructor. Dasa is passionate about coaching and is dedicated to providing a fair and healthy environment, where all athletes can reach their gymnastic potential. Dasa coaches and oversees all levels of RG within the club, shaping the club's philosophy of teaching physical skills, sportsmanship and everyday conduct supported by strong moral values. Dasa is a long time resident of Kanata who raised 3 boys in the Kanata community, and has happily welcomed 5 grandchildren into the family. Dasa was awarded with the Ontario Coaching Association's Coach of the Year Award in 2010.
Yuliana Korolyova
YulianaYuliana joined the KRSG staff in the summer of 2015 and is in charge of the development of National stream gymnasts in a club. Yuliana’s past experiences provided her with a strong/solid base in the RG elite area where she was given the opportunity to work along the best in the highly competitive environment. Now, Yuliana is excited to bring and share her knowledge with the coaches and the gymnasts in the KRSG club. 

Yuliana is NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach and a National level Judge. She graduated from the Competitive Coaching Program at Seneca College and from the Kinesiology Program at York University. In addition, Yuliana is an athletic life coach and offers an extensive expertise in developing young individuals with a healthy mind and body.  This, along with a focus on physical health and athleticism has aided her to effectively impact the athletes and help them grow in all areas of their life.
Sharon Fryer
ShanonSharon has her NCCP level 2 coaching certification. Sharon is a former provincial individual gymnast and 3 time provincial champion training with KRSG in the 1990′s. She has attended 4 Canadian Gymnaestradas and 3 World Gymnaestradas in Austria, Switzerland and Finland. Sharon graduated from University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree focusing on the hospitality industry and is currently the Director of Meetings and Events for the Canadian Wind Energy Association.
Breanna Rich
breanna2Breanna has her NCCP level 1 theory and technical certification, with level 2 in progress. Breanna joined the club in 2000 and is a former 5 time Provincial Champion and National competitor with KRSG, as well as participating in Canadian and World Gymnaestradas. Breanna is also a certified InterClub and Provincial level Aesthetic Group Gymnastics judge. Breanna attended École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal. She is the Athlete Representative to Gymnastics Ontario.
Irina Shivrina
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIrina has her NCCP level 1 theory and technical certification. She joined KRSG in 1998 for one year and returned in the summer of 2008. Irina is originally from Russia where she graduated from Arts University with a Bachelors degree in Choreography. She has spent years performing professionally in dance groups. From 2000 until 2008 Irina shared her time between leading the kids fitness programs at Planet Fitness in Russia while at the same time she continued increasing her experience as a choreographer. Irina also worked in Italy as a ballet teacher before moving to Canada. Irina says, "Dance is not what you do, it is what you are!"
Laura Manyoki
Laura2-240x320Laura has her NCCP level 1 coaching certification. She joined KRSG in 2002 with the recreational program. At the age of 9 Laura joined an Interclub AGG, Kanta Energy. Later on she competed in an interclub duo, a provincial trio and as a provincial individual. She has attended the Canadian Gymnaestrada to Winnipeg, as well as the World Gymnaestrada in Switzerland.
Kirsti Watson
KristiKirsti joined KRSG when she was four years old and has been doing rhythmic gymnastics ever since. She started off in the club’s recreational stream and made it all the way through their badge program. After completing recreational Kirsti found that her love for the sport had grown so she joined interclub individual. After her first year of individual Kirsti joined AGG with a group called Rhythmic Harmony. She did six years of individual training and six years of group training. She has attended two Canadian gymnaestradas, one in Winnipeg in 2010 and one in Calgary in 2014, as well as two world gymnaestradas, one in Switzerland in 2011 and a second one in Finland this summer. Over the past two years she has assisted coaching the recreational level in both the regular classes and the summer camps the club offers. During the last season she was primarily coaching interclub individuals. Outside of gymnastics, Kirsti works as a lifeguard and teaches swimming lessons as well as attending Carleton University.
Kirsti is looking forward to coaching your daughter this year!
Marie Arsenault
MarieMarie is a level 1 NCCP certified coach and joined the club in 2004, at age 6, and began in Butterflies. A year later, Marie was invited to audition for the Provincial program. For 10 years, Marie has been a provincial gymnast and has won two Provincial Championships and is an Eastern Regional Champion. Marie has participated in one Canadian and one World Gymnaestrada in 2015.
Julia Yang
julia-gr-12Julia has her NCCP level 1 coaching certification and joined KRSG at the age of 5 in the Butterflies program, where she fell in love with the sport. Later on, she joined the Rising Stars, then soon began to compete as a provincial individual at age of 8. Julia competed individually for 8 years, and competed as a provincial AGG member in her final year. She has also participated in one Canadian Gymnaestrada in Calgary and one World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki. Julia is currently in her final year of high school and is excited to see what the year holds!
Adeline Wang
AdelineAdeline has her NCCP level 1 certification and she is working towards getting her level 2. She has been involved in the KRSG club since 2008, starting at the Interclub level and later moving into the provincial stream. This year, she is part of a rhythmic group of 5 gymnasts working with hoops and clubs. She has participated in one Canadian Gymnaestrada and one World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki, Finland. Adeline is currently in high school. She hopes to share her gymnastics experience with your young gymnasts.
Kara Smith
karasmithKara has her NCCP level 2 coaching certification and her NCCP level 3 technical. Kara was a former Provincial Champion and gymnast with the KRSG Club for 10 years and coached with the club previously for 7 years. Kara graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering. After graduating she moved to Calgary where she worked with the Chinook RGC for 4 years. She is currently back in Ottawa working as an Engineer with a local Aerospace Engineering Firm and will be coaching and judging with the club as required.
Marissa Lithopoulos
biopicture_marissalithopoulosMarissa has her NCCP level 1 coaching certification and her NCCP level 2 theory and technical. Marissa started with KRSG as a recreational gymnast in 2000. Throughout her 13 year gymnastics career, she competed as an aesthetic group gymnast, interclub individual, and provincial individual. She also participated in two Canadian Gymnaestradas and one World Gymnaestrada. Marissa is currently a replacement coach and a PhD Candidate in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa.
KRSG Coaches in Training
Brianna Lu, Winnie Fan, Caroline Liang and Michelle Gandalman are all current or former KRSG gymnasts with experience in both individual and group rhythmic gymnastics competition with a wide variety of equipment, and aesthetic group gymnastics. With training from Gymnastics Ontario, as well as Head Coach Dasa Lelli in progress, these coaches are enthusiastic and ready to share their knowledge and love of the sport with the next generation of KRSG gymnasts.