InterClub Program

The Interclub Program is designed for girls who want to perform and compete and are interested in the challenge of more intensive training, but don’t have the time or commitment to a Provincial training schedule.  This program is also offered as a first step into the competitive level of rhythmic gymnastics, and for former gymnasts who would like to stay involved in the sport.

Our Pre-Competitive Rising Stars program is for young, talented gymnasts between the ages of 5-8 who are ready to practice rhythmic gymnastics twice a week for a total of 6 hours, and who are interested in becoming competitors in the future.  Our Rising Stars participate in a specialized program which includes flexibility and dance, as well as building the gymnastics skills and apparatus handling needed to move into competitive rhythmic gymnastics.

Advanced Training is offered at the Interclub level to interested and committed gymnasts after an audition process. Auditions are held yearly after the KRSG Open House in June. Interested families are asked to contact our Head Coach Dasa Lelli.

KRSG offers the Interclub Program in both individual rhythmic gymnastics and in aesthetic group gymnastics.

Interclub gymnasts in both the aesthetic group gymnastics and the rhythmic gymnastics programs train for a minimum of 6 hours weekly. Interclub guidelines are described on the Gymnastics Ontario website.

KRSG Interclub Individual gymnasts compete in local Invitational competitions. KRSG Interclub Aesthetic Groups compete yearly at the Red Ribbon Competition.

Aesthetic Groups often require a contract of commitment to attendance to be signed by gymnasts and their parents, as training of these groups is compromised if attendance is erratic.

Our advanced training gymnasts, both Provincial and InterClub, may also have opportunities to perform at the Canadian and World Gymnaestradas, which are held every four years.

Within the KRSG's InterClub program there are 3 streams for gymnasts:
Individual, Group and Aesthetic Group.