Join the Kanata Mystique!

Join the Kanata Mystique!

Women looking for a way to challenge themselves and add joy to their fitness routine need look no further than the Kanata Mystique at KRSG.  A ladies aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG) team, the Mystique practice twice a week for two hours, working on ballet, rhythmic gymnastics skills such as balances, leaps and turns, and learning routines choreographed by coach Sharon Fryer.  The team has competed in the Red Ribbon competition for the past 6 years, taking the gold medal 3 times.  Former gymnasts and dancers who want to find the same challenges they remember from their youth, as well as women who played other sports or had other interests when they were younger but who want to give RG a try and develop their flexibility and grace are drawn to the team.  Many members became involved in the sport after watching their daughters enjoy their KRSG experiences, but having a daughter in the Club is not a requirement!  Simply having the desire to participate in a beautiful team sport is enough.  Please contact Sharon Fryer at for information about the Kanata Mystique for September 2013.


Stittsville residents to World Gymnaestrada

Ottawa East News

By John Curry

Being involved in gymnastics as mature women. Uniquely inspiring. Being members of the Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club’s women’s team named Mystique, gold medalists at the last two Ontario Red Ribbon Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Competitions. Awesome. Taking part in the World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne, Switzerland this summer. Priceless.

Yet this is the story of Stittsville residents Sharon Fryer and Elizabeth Campbell-Brown, both of whom were among the 27 gymnasts on the Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club’s overall team which participated in this year’s World Gymnaestrada. The trip was organized by Paula Preston of Stittsville, who was Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club team manager for the third time at such an event. She had previously been the team’s manager for the World Gymnaestradas held in Portugal and Austria.

The World Gymnaestrada, a celebration of the sport of gymnastics in all of its forms, is held every four years in different locations around the world. For this year’s World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne, Switzerland, over 20,000 gymnasts from 53 countries participated, displaying their routines, meeting other gymnasts and learning from each other.

Sharon Fryer, who was a three time Ontario rhythmic gymnastics champion in her teens, has been the coach of the Mystique women’s team since it was formed five years ago. Indeed, the team was formed because of a Gymnaestrada as Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club parents became interested in participating in gymnastics themselves after seeing other adult groups perform in the 2006 Canadian Gymnaestrada which was held in Ottawa.

“The World Gymnaestrada is an incredible experience for any gymnast,” says Ms. Fryer, noting that those performing range from those who participate for fun and fitness to those who compete internationally. She notes that the choreography and the way that routines are put together to incorporate different skills and to communicate is very interesting and inspiring.

Attending a World Gymnaestrada also allows gymnasts to make contacts not only from across their own country but from around the world.

Ms. Fryer found that the people of the host city, Lausanne, were very welcoming to all the gymnasts. The interest in the event is shown by the fact that action from the Gymnaestrada was shown daily on television.

Elizabeth Campbell-Brown, who had been an artistic gymnast for ten years, began training with the Mystique team in 2008 after hearing about it from another former gymnast and friend whose daughter in a rhythmic gymnast.

“I never thought I’d still be doing gymnastics into my 40’s,” she says, “but many of the gymnasts we saw were over 70 and still tumbling, so I have many years to go.”

Ms. Campbell-Brown’s son Kieran, who is 7, and her husband Chris are enthusiastic supporters of the Mystique team and travelled to the World Gymnaestrada. They were even featured on the World Gymnaestrada website.

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