Kanata’s Golden Weekends

Many congratulations to all of KRSG's super gymnasts and coaches for a wonderfully successful winter season, and best of luck as we move into the spring competitions!

Eight of the Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club's  gymnasts competed at the Eastern Regional Championships in Montreal on April 26, 27 and 28th, with golden results. Kanata's most experienced gymnasts won the overall gold in 4 categories, with Megan Kawai, Danica Goodchild and Sarah Manyoki sweeping the field in the 6C, 6B and 5B categories respectively, with gold in every event, while Marie Arsenault won the overall gold and gold in two events in the 5C category.  Kanata's younger gymnasts also showed that they are forces to be reckoned with, as Caroline Liang won silver in hoop and bronze in free which combined with her ball routine placed her 6th overall in 4B, while in the 3B category Erika Lin tied for the gold in ball, and won 7th place in the free routine and overall, and Haley Miller won 6th place in the free routine and 10th place overall after recovering from the flu which knocked her out of the Second Qualifying Meet.

In the national senior category on Saturday and Sunday, Lucinda Nowell won the gold medal in the ribbon, bronzes for her ball and hoop routines, and 4th in the clubs to win the overall silver medal and a place in the Canadian Championships in Ottawa on the long weekend in May at Carleton University.

This golden weekend followed the Second Qualifying Meet hosted in Kanata the previous weekend during which 18 KRSG gymnasts qualified for the Ontario Championships in Toronto in June.  The qualifying gymnasts were: Megan Kawai (6C), Danica Goodchild (6B), Marie Arsenault (5C), Sarah Manyoki (5B), Julia Yang and Emma Smith (5A), Caroline Liang and Winnie Fan (4B), Brianna Lu, Adeline Wang, Baylianne Rich and Emma Watson (4A), Erika Lin and Haley Miller (3B), Jade Vo (3A), Jessica Luo and Emma Yau (2B) and Cynthia Zhang (1B).  Highlights included the gold medal for Danica Goodchild in the 6B ribbon event, and overall silver medals for Megan Kawai, Danica Goodchild and 2 silver medals, in free and rope for Julia Yang in Level 5A,  2 bronze medals for Brianna Lu in ball and overall in level 4A, and a 6th place finish by Cynthia Zhang, up 6 places from the first qualifying meet.  All of Kanata's gymnasts are to be highly congratulated for their superb efforts and improvement over the year. Good luck in your upcoming competitions!

Full Results: http://www.gymnasticsontario.ca/results-2012-2013/

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