KRSG Celebrates National Gymnastics Week- Beginning Friday!

KRSG Celebrates National Gymnastics Week in 2013 with a Parent Open House in all recreational classes from Friday February 8-Thursday February 14.  Please come, stay, and enjoy seeing what your daughter does in her rhythmic gymnastics class!

The following week the fun of National Gymnastics Week continues as your daughter is invited to "Bring a Friend" to her class with her to join in the gymnastics activities- in classes from Friday, February 15- Thursday February 21.

Round out National Gymnastics Week by attending our Provincial and National In-House Gymnastics Competition on Sunday February 23 at 2pm.  The event is free, and you will see all the routines from our 23 competitors from age 7 to 17 as they show their readiness for Ontario level competitions to their friends, family and judges. We hope to see you there!

Relax into Rhythmic this National Gymnastics Week.




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