Excitement and Nerves Abound in the KRSG Community last weekend

Serena Q1Last weekend, provincial and national level gymnasts in KRSG Community participated in two separate competitions, here in Kanata and in Chicago, Illinois.  Competitions always generate many feelings and these ones were no exception. From gymnasts competing for the first time at a new category level, to gymnasts launching into their last year of provincial level competition, feelings of excitement, nervousness, pride and several others were definitely a part of the weekend performances.

At the provincial level in rhythmic gymnastics, gymnasts are required to compete at two qualifyinSeniorAGG Q1g meets during the competitive season to earn their place at the final provincial competition of the year.  With a combined qualifying score from this first and a second qualifier which will be held in May, gymnasts look to earn a placing to compete at the Provincial competition which will be held in Toronto in June.  The KRSG was lucky enough to host the first qualifier of this year, held at the Earl of March last weekend, lucky especially for our home gymnasts who didn't need to travel far and enjoyed the comfort of familiar surroundings. Through many hours of hard work from countless volunteers, the event was a wonderful success for both our own and all the visiting gymnasts from clubs across Ontario.  Several notable placings in various levels and age categories from our KRSG gymnasts include Caroline Liang and Serena Nie who both placed 2nd overall in their levels and Britney Han and Adeline Wang who placed 3rd overall in their levels.

Brianna Q1Kanata’s new National level gymnasts also competed over the weekend travelling to their first international event held at the 2016 Chicago Cup Invitational in Chicago, Illinois.  The gymnasts had a wonderful first international experience and should be proud of both their placing and their demeanour throughout the weekend. Haley Miller placed third for rope and fifth overall. Cynthia Zhang and Emma Yau also brought home medals for their overall and per apparatus performances. Erica Lin had a very exciting and expressive rope routine and placed and was awarded a ribbon.  There were a minimum of 10-15 competitors in their level and the girls showed confidence and more importantly support to one another throughout the whole event.

All in all, a busy and successful weekend for our KRSG advanced gymnasts!

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