The Competitive Season has begun!

After an initial in-house meet held at the end of February and designed to allow our gymnasts to demonstrate their performances to family and friends, the KRSG launched its competitive seLaura and gymnasts KCason on March 12th and 13th with the annual ‘Kanata Cup’.  Gymnasts in the Interclub, Provincial, National and Special Olympic streams from 3 area clubs and 5 ot
her clubs from the Montreal and Toronto areas, tested their routines against others in their age and category level.  Our Kanata gymnasts placed well against their competitors with notable placings going to Isabel and Chantal Raoux, EmilAGG KCy Qin, Kylie Fung, Isabel Chui, Serena Nie, Karma Makary, Alanna Lu, Jessica Luo, Britney Han, Sylvia Qi, Jade Vo, Brianna Lu, Adeline Wang and Caroline Liang.  The coveted Kanata Cup which is awarded to the club with the highest number of overall placings on the weekend went to the ORGC.  All our gymnasts should be congratulated for their wonderful performances.  The weekend event was a huge success due in large part to the exceptional volunteers who supported the KRSG club and all the gymnasts.  For specific results, please check the results listed under 'Our Club' in the 'Competitions' link. Congratulations to all!

Haley KC

The KRSG’s new National level stream gymnasts also travelled to compete in their first National level competition at the 2016 Rhythmic Elite Ontario Championships. The event was hosted by Mississauga Newnorth RG Club at the Hershey SportZone in Mississauga on Saturday, March 19th.  The wonderful performances put forth by our gymnasts were marked by a 2nd and 12th place overall placing by Haley Miller and Erika Lin respectively in the Junior Open division; and with a 10th and 12th place finishing overall by Emma Yau and Cynthia Zhang respectively in the Novice division.  Once again, congratulations to our gymnasts on the solid placings in their first National level event!EmmaY KC

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