[expand title="What is the KRSG recreational program?" tag="h5"]The recreational program is designed to support girls in the development of physical fitness, coordination, and concentration. Along with providing these opportunities, the KRSG encourages friendships, team spirit, a sense of community, and a love of challenge, all in a caring atmosphere of fun.
The program centers around the achievement of badges, where girls age 4 and older are introduced to the techniques and movements of the sport and its equipment (ball, hoop, rope and ribbon), while developing coordination, fitness and concentration all necessary in Rhythmic gymnastics.

The Badge Classes form the basis of the recreational rhythmic gymnastics program at the KRSG. All recreational gymnasts must register in a Badge Class and work towards one of the six badges. Recreational gymnasts will also have an opportunity to be part of a group performance in the KRSG Spring Gymnaestrada (a form of recital) each year.

For more information about the skills involved in each badge level please visit the following link: Badge Program.[/expand]

[expand title="How old should my daughter be to join the KRSG recreational program?" tag="h5"]The program is designed for girls age 4 to the teenage years. Classes are grouped by age range and badge level. Specific classes for gymnasts younger than 6 or older than 8 are available to better meets needs. “All ages” classes have may gymnasts register from any age, but the classes are managed by the recreational coordinator who may make suggestions for changes based on the class make-up, as a registration period progresses. [/expand]

[expand title="How long is each class?" tag="h5"]All classes are one hour in length. For gymnasts wishing for more training, two other types of classes are offered which means that recreational gymnasts can register for up to 3 hours throughout a week. All gymnasts must be registered in a Badge Class to be registered in a second or third class. [/expand]

[expand title="How long does a session last?" tag="h5"] Fall Session: A full session, which begins in September, consists of 30 one-hour classes that finish in late May or early June, with holiday breaks throughout the year.

Winter Session: A winter session begins in January and consists of 18 one-hour classes that finish in late May or early June, with holiday breaks throughout the year.

Spring Session: A spring session consists of 6 one-hour classes and begins in late April, or early May. This session is designed as an introduction to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics and provides gymnasts with the opportunity to try the skills, body technique and apparatus before making the commitment of a longer session. [/expand]

[expand title="Can my daughter join the recreational program on a trial basis and what is your cancellation policy?" tag="h5"] To allow girls to try the classes we need to register them with Gymnastics Ontario for insurance purposes, therefore, all gymnasts need to register with the Club before they attend a class.

However the Club offers a generous cancellation policy for those girls who decide after a couple classes that rhythmic gymnastics is not for them. While we encourage your daughter to commit to a complete set of classes, we understand that some girls might not be sure what the sport is all about.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation requests must be provided in writing by sending an Email to

All cancellation requests received by the program coordinator before the third class are eligible for a partial refund. The refund consists of the original amount paid – less an administration fee, Gymnastics Ontario Registration Fee, and fee per class attended.

No refunds are provided for cancellations for gymnasts registering for the 6 week spring session.

Summer or March break camp cancellation refunds will only be issued if a request is received before the start of the camp and when accompanied by a doctor’s note. The refund will consist of the original amount paid, less an administration and the Gymnastics Ontario Registration Fees.

Please understand that your child took the place of another potential gymnast and that all coaches and facilities have been booked, therefore missed classes on the part of the student will not be refunded. [/expand]

[expand title="What is the typical class size?" tag="h5"] Classes typically have between 6 and 12 gymnasts depending upon the class location and the number of coaches. Larger class venues with more coaches available can have up to 25 gymnasts working in one area. [/expand]

[expand title="Who are the KRSG recreational coaches?" tag="h5"] All our coaches are certified in St. John’s Ambulance First Aid/CPR, as well as being certified by the Canadian Coaching Association to coach rhythmic gymnastics, and have years of experience in the sport. Please see our coaches page for more information. [/expand]

[expand title="How do the coaches measure progress for each recreational gymnast?" tag="h5"] The “I’ve Got Rhythm!” skill development program provides 6 progressive badge levels to ensure that your daughter masters appropriate skills for body movement and each piece of rhythmic equipment. Gymnasts must meet the required skills for each level and perform these skills at a badge day before being able to move to a higher badge. Badge Day opportunities occur in December and June.

During the winter, gymnasts work on routines to be performed at Spring Gymnaestrada. Coaches continue to provide informal feedback to gymnasts and their parents on both their skill development and teamwork. [/expand]

[expand title="What is a badge test?" tag="h5"] A badge test is a requirement of all recreational gymnasts before they can progress to the next badge level. When a gymnast is ready she will be invited to a test period where she will demonstrate her skills in a group setting, in front of recreational judges. The test lasts approximately one hour and results in the presentation of their badge. [/expand]

[expand title="Can my daughter attend more than one class per week?" tag="h5"] If your daughter wishes to participate in more rhythmic gymnastics classes each week, you can register her for more than one badge class or register in a performance class.

Performance class: This class is open to gymnasts age 6 and up registered in Badge level 2 and above. Performance classes work all year towards performing group routines in the Spring Gymnaestrada and also participate in the Kanata Showcase interclub competition in May/June alongside Interclub gymnasts. Gymnasts may register in the badge class right before the performance class, making a 2 hour class, OR may register in another badge class on another day or location - please choose whichever option best suits your family’s needs.

Click here to view the current recreational schedule. [/expand]

[expand title="What do the recreational gymnasts wear?" tag="h5"] Each gymnast needs a black, short sleeved, lycra or cotton body suit (with scooped neck). Black shorts for the warmer weather, and optional black long tights in the colder months. Socks are not allowed for the safety of the gymnasts, however, gymnasts can choose to wear ballet slippers or special gymnastics toe shoes which are available for purchase from the club.

You can buy body suits at the following locations:
Malabar Limited
Brio DanceXpress
Boomerang Kids Kanata(20% discount from Boomerang Kids to KRSG Club members)

Gymnasts should wear their hair in a bun or pony tail and should not wear jewelry during classes. [/expand]

[expand title="Do the girls need to purchase equipment?" tag="h5"] All equipment is provided for the gymnasts during class time. There are enough hoops, balls, ribbons and ropes for every girl. However many gymnasts like to have equipment to practice with at home, and this makes a wonderful gift.

Equipment is available for purchase during our Badge Days and our Open House. Please check the Calendar for dates and times. Parents may also ask their coach about purchasing equipment throughout the season. [/expand]

[expand title="Can I stay to watch my daughter’s class?" tag="h5"] The coaches discourage parental observation as this can be distracting for the gymnasts. Exceptions are made for young gymnasts during their first classes. This policy ensures a safer, distraction-free environment for all the gymnasts. In addition, some facilities have very limited seating in the training area. Parents are encouraged to watch their gymnast during the Gymathon, Badge Days and Spring Gymnaestrada. [/expand]

[expand title="In what events do recreational gymnasts participate?" tag="h5"] In the fall, both recreational and advanced training gymnasts participate in the annual Gymathon, a fun-filled session of rhythmic gymnastic activities that raises funds for the entire club, as well as celebrating the sport at all levels.

In December and June, recreational gymnasts who have been recommended by their coaches participate in Badge Day. On this day, independent evaluators observe the gymnasts as they perform the skills outlined in the “I’ve Got Rhythm!” program. Parents watch to support and celebrate their daughter’s achievement.

In the spring, recreational gymnasts prepare for the Spring Gymnaestrada, a show complete with choreographed routines from every class, demonstrations, and selected routines by our advanced training gymnasts, which is enjoyed by parents and extended family members as well as friends of all our gymnasts.

In addition, the KRSG Club hosts local competitions in which our advanced training gymnasts compete against their counterparts in Ontario and Quebec. These events are a great opportunity for recreational gymnasts to observe and support other KRSG Club athletes. Check the event calendar for further information. The final event of the season is the KRSG Open House, with demonstrations, information, registration for rhythmic gymnastics summer camps, and discounted registration for the next season.

Please refer to the calendar for all KRSG club activities. [/expand]

[expand title="How do I register my daughter for the recreational program?" tag="h5"]

  1. Look to the appropriate Age and Level columns in the recreational class schedule. Decide on a suitable locations based on the age and level classes offered, and your daughter’s needs.
    Although every effort is made to have a class as homogeneous as possible, ’all ages’ classes may have a wide range of ages in gymnasts. If your daughter is young, classes listed for gymnasts aged 4-6 years will be geared to their pace and activity level. Similarly, older gymnasts may wish to register in 8+ classes to ensure a quicker pace and activity level
  2. Choose the level that the gymnast will be working on. For example, if the gymnast has completed Level 1, choose Level 2.
    If your daughter is new to the sport, regardless of her age or past experience, it is important for her to register in Badge Level 1 to fully develop her technique and skills, specific to rhythmic gymnastics. Older gymnasts, particularly with experience in areas such as dance or other forms of gymnastics, may progress through the badges at a faster rate and may enjoy training with other girls of a similar age, therefore an 8+ class may be most appropriate.
  3. Once you have chosen a suitable class, please follow the website link to register online.
  4. Mail payment to:
    Anne Meurillon
    KRSG Recreational Coordinator
    PO Box 24034 RPO Hazeldean
    Kanata, Ontario K2M 2C3

When registering for the fall session, once you have completed the online registration, if you attend the Open House in June, a discount will be applied to your fee, if you deliver your payment in person. Check our club Calendar for location and details.

Please note that your registration is not complete until we receive your cheque to cover the registration fee. In the event that a class fills up and your payment has not been received, you will be notified, however you may have to forfeit your registration if payment is not arranged in a timely manner. [/expand]

[expand title="How much does the recreational program cost?" tag="h5"] Please check the Recreational Program page for current fees.

Please Note: Any NSF or returned checks for fees will be subject to an administration fee determined by the board of directors

Families can get the full benefit of the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit in the year that the fees are paid. By introducing this payment schedule, it makes it easier to issue these receipts and keeps the administration of the club to a minimum.
Upon request, we can consider different payment schedules but our VP of Finance must approve the change and post-dated checks must be provided

For more information on KRSG’s cancellation or refund policies click here.

Any further questions should be directed to our recreational coordinator. [/expand]

[expand title="Others..." tag="h5"] [/expand]