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Providing a safe
and fun environment
for rhythmic gymnasts.

As one of the longest established gymnastics clubs in Canada, the Kanata Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was the first rhythmic club in Eastern Ontario.

The Club offers a variety of programs to suit the interests and skill levels of all members from age 4 to adult. Recreational training is offered in area schools and community centres to girls aged four and older. Advanced Training is offered at the Interclub and Provincial levels to interested and committed gymnasts after an audition process.

Why Choose Us

Gymnastics for Life:
  • a Gymnasts who continue with the sport throughout high school notice many benefits to their studies, alongside the physical benefits of participation in the sport. Increased levels of physical activity throughout the teenage years are associated with lower life time rates of diseases such as breast cancer, as well as developing good habits of exercise for a life time.
  • b High school students who continue participation in rhythmic gymnastics have also developed excellent organizational and study habits, as they use available time wisely, allowing them to maintain friendships and volunteer or job responsibilities too.
  • c KRSG has a long time policy of supporting girls in their academic studies-parents will have noticed that gymnasts who have exams or major assignments are encouraged to prioritize their time in favour of their academics at those times-and even coaches with exams will often find a substitute coach at particularly busy times of the year.



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