Recreational Program

The benefits of rhythmic gymnastics for girls in the recreational program include the development of a positive attitude towards physical activity through fun, active participation, and the development of hand-eye coordination, concentration and body movement through the use of equipment such as rope, hoop, ball, and ribbons.

In our Recreational Program, girls age 4 and older are introduced to the techniques and movements of rhythmic gymnastics and its apparatus.

The club's "I've Got Rhythm!" skill development program forms the base of the KRSG Recreational Program, and features a 6 level badge program with personal progress reports and a Badge Day evaluation event twice a year which all gymnasts who have completed a badge are invited to attend to demonstrate their skills for families and evaluators.  This helps to solidify their skills and sense of accomplishment, as well as readying them for the performance aspects of this judged sport.

Recreational gymnasts perform group routines to music in KRSG’s annual Spring Gymnaestrada, a celebration of the sport, and a chance to see gymnasts from all classes and streams within the Club perform.  This event is an ideal opportunity for young recreational gymnasts to perform in a supportive atmosphere, on stage, for family and friends.

Please do check our Class Schedule carefully to ensure that you register your daughter for a class at her Badge level and with gymnasts of a similar age.  Please contact our Recreational Coordinator if you need further information.  Classes may open up, depending on demand.

Throughout the year, KRSG offers many opportunities for recreational gymnasts to enjoy rhythmic gymnastics- from our Gymathon to National Gymnastics Week to Kanata Cup to Showcase to Open House- KRSG is a busy and fun place to be!  Be sure to check our Home Page, online Calendar, and your email for updates.

Our Recreational Program offers the chance for girls to participate in up to 3 hours a week of rhythmic gymnastics by including the options of participating in the Add-on Pre-acro class from the age of 4, and in one of our popular Performance classes for gymnasts age 7 and up in Badge 2 to 6. Once gymnasts have been awarded their Badge 6 they have the option of registering in a Performance class, or of participating in the Interclub Individual Program. Entry into the Interclub or Provincial Program before Badge 6 is completed is by audition.  Gymnasts who may be interested in these options are encouraged to audition for the Pre-Compeititve Rising Stars program for 5, 6 and 7 year olds by contacting Head Coach Dasa Lelli.

Gymnasts interested in more advanced training are encouraged to audition for our Interclub or Provincial Programs after the Open House in June. There is a nominal charge for auditions.